Marketing for Indoorwalking

  • Marketing for success.
  • A new program with high user participation that is different to other programs must be explained in the best possible way. Communication to both current and possible future users is an important tool for effective marketing. This training is a journey that collects all the experience accumulated by Indoorwalking in the successful promotion of the program and makes it available to participants.
  • Indoorwalking is a program that involves three levels – certificate, progress and mastery.
  • To achieve Certificate level it is necessary to complete the official certification course. This can be achieved two ways: In-company Courses (at your centre) or at an official certification centre. To achieve Progress level it is necessary to have completed 100 sessions and to have successfully completed a training course.
  • Finally, Master level requires an instructor to have spent two years developing the program in a centre and to have completed three training courses.