Enrique BonillaCo-Founder and Managing Director

Dedicated for almost two decades to fitness and to physical health for the adult population, Enrique has always been a proponent of new formulas where the success of creating loyalty is a combination of a positive experience and effective training. This is the basis of Indoorwalking. With him you will discover how to successfully incorporate Indoorwalking sessions and why a good group cardio experience is more than just a good workout. You will also discover how to adapt them to the reality of your users and centre.

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    Carlos ParraMaster Trainer

    Carlos has participated in numerous national and international conventions and promotes an emotional vision of group cardio; getting to the user so that they don’t just exercise but also engage with Indoorwalking. More than 6 years of experience in training professionals will attest to that. His sessions are always a surprise and you will discover the many facets of Indoorwalking with him.


      Daniel SerranoMaster Trainer

      With his training, participants receive a combination of surprise changes and good music. The experience is good if you manage to surprise every few minutes. The planning of an Indoorwalking session is an art and he is a great artist. With him you will enjoy planning for success daily.


        Edu ZapataMaster Trainer

        Edu leads a life dedicated to fitness. His training sessions have a special emphasis on his management of the music. More than three years experience with Indoorwalking has made him a master of communication.


          Sorin BeltechiMaster Trainer

          Indoorwalking instructor and master trainer, knows how to create the best mix of music, atmosphere and training program techniques to help his clients enjoy each and every Indoorwalking class. Challenging cardio training has never been that much fun is what most of his clients would say. It’s tough, but it keeps you going and wanting more.



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