The main lines in the design of this model feature:
Attractive design lines, not just one unit but several units in parallel.
Perfect integration of the new appearance with indoorwalking biomechanics.
Colours that are the customary language in the field of fitness and allow the coexistence of an Indoorwalking room with any other equipment.

Chassis and structure.
A new chassis and the oversized structure maintain stability at the end, retaining the reduced dimensions and excellent portability despite weighing slightly more.

New side rails rebalancing system.
Makes it possible to reduce the stress on the structure which is continuously realigned to extend the life of all components.
New transmission system with self-stabilizer.
What makes this new mechanism extraordinary is that it maintains the special sensation of Indoorwalking movement with full stability, despite the passage of time and heavy use, and with zero maintenance.
Protective devices and trim items.
A new set of perfectly integrated trim items that give the model 3 excellent protection and a pleasant appearance that can be integrated into any environment.
Progressive and very accessible resistance.
The indoorwalking3 resistance system involves gradual increments according to the needs of the programme, and which also make it very accessible.
Easily displayed information.
The display allows you to check a large amount of data whilst also combining simple and graphic visibility etc. Cadence, distance, calories, timer, heart rate, etc.
Metallic paint.
The general treatments and paint colours retain a metallic look and an extraordinary resistance to the passage of time.
Support platforms.
The new platforms include a design that makes it possible to correct technique in the foot support position, maintaining the special texture and grip level of previous models.